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Project RENU (Research Expedition for Net Zero and Universal Learning) is on a mission to renew field-trips #FieldtripsForFuture

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, we recognised that many University courses have been largely digitalised and the majority of Geography field-trips have been cancelled or postponed.


This unearthed many challenges related to traditional field-trips, including the accessibility (ie. physically and financially) and sustainability (ie. carbon footprint) of field-trips. We used this as an opportunity to drive the future of field-trips through trialling a digital field-trip experience for the second-year module, ‘Glaciers and Glaciation’, within the Geography (BSc) degree at Durham University.



Through cutting-edge communication techniques (ie. 360-video) whilst following sustainable digital practices (following the Albert framework), we aim to assist Higher Educational institutions to make environmental learning accessible to all students and to provide students with the sufficient tools to learn about the environment in a fundamentally sustainable way.



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