Togonon’s Story #GenerationNOW

This post is in association with the 'Now Series’ as part of the #GenerationNOW movement. This movement aims to share the stories of change-makers, to support and connect activist-work across the globe.

I'm Togonon Severin Togo from Mali, I’m a 25-year old environmental activist and the founder of "Environmental Education and Youth empowerment (EEYE) association. The goal of this association is to address climate issues through training young people in the community and empower them.

Why are you passionate about the environment?

I'm passionate about the environment because it is a common good and we must protect it since global warming is gaining ground and it is already making victims all over the world.

Why did you set up Environmental Education and Youth empowerment (EEYE)?

I set up EEYE because in my country the leaders are not doing enough to educate young people in environment protection, and we know that education and helping young people understand climate issues are the key ways to address climate change.

What projects are you doing with the EEYE at the moment?

I collaborate with schools to organise training sessions to help young students understand the climate change issues. We are doing tree plantation project and we hope to work on plastic waste management project in the future. I also repurpose collect plastics and transform them into useful materials.

Do you feel optimistic about the future of Mali's environment?

Yes, I feel optimistic about the future of Mali's environment because young people are getting more and more involved in environmental protection.

How can other people support your organisation, and follow your journey?

We are now volunteering and we don't have any financial resources to help us continue our actions and any support is welcome to grow our actions all over the country.

Follow EEYE’s journey here