We've launched an 'Earth Minuter' initiative!

If you're not the type to go to environmental talks, how else could you stay up-to-date with crucial environmental research? Social Media.

Here at Earth Minutes we want to help spread environmental messages, and what's better to do this than through using the positive power of Social Media. Each month we will interview a new 'Earth Minuter', a supporter of Earth Minutes, via our blog, instagram and twitter channels to build a motivating and empowering Earth Minutes community online.

Let's use Social Media for good, and help spread environmental information across the globe.

As an 'Earth Minuter', we can help you spread your environmental message! We can provide you with environmental tips and innovative content, and all it requires is a quick interview process.

We're excited to announce our first Earth Minuter soon, and if you'd like to get involved, please contact us via

Are you an #EarthMinuter ?