Let’s #TeachTheFuture!

We’re proud to partner with the incredible campaign ’Teach The Future', in joint association with SOS-UK and UKSCN!

Teach the Future aims to repurpose the education system around the climate emergency and ecological crisis. The majority of teaching and learning throughout the entirety of the education system is misaligned from the systemic changes urgently required to make to society sustainable. Our education system routinely fails to educate, prepare and equip us for the climate emergency and ecological crisis.

More information on the campaign can be found at

Here at Earth Minutes we’re particularly passionate about making environmental learning accessible to all. Recently, Ofsted has resisted the climate activist calls to change the educational curriculum here in the UK. The reason stated behind this is that activists are commandeering the curriculum which creates the risk of students being taught about the issues in a way that is overly “emotional” rather than “grounded in science”.

However, we believe climate change should definitely be grounded in science, and this is actually avoiding the root of the problem. The issue lies within how climate change is taught exclusively within the Geography and Science departments. Students want and should to be provided with the tools to help them live and think more sustainably, no matter what their career choice.

Overall, climate change needs to be addressed from a social-aspect because ultimately it is the students future that will be impacted by this.

So, how do we aim to make an impact? To tackle this problem, we want to support the incredible campaigns led by #TeachTheFuture, and we’ll be running a national research project with Durham University (over 2021) to understand how environmental learning can be further improved. Keep an eye out for updates soon! #EarthMinutes