by @theleasphere (Jan, 2021)

There is countless of guides for size inclusive sustainable brands that carries plus sizes but not as much talks about brands selling bigger sizes than 20UK/16US/48EU.

All the brands that stops to a size 20UK just aren’t really size inclusive in my opinion. Personally as a size 16/18UK depending on the brand, it’s been hard to find sustainable brands that carry my size but then there is all the other people who wear sizes bigger than size 20.

Here is a guide to help plus size people find sustainable brands. For me everybody should have their size available and not have to research for hours until they find brands that carries their size. Like I sometimes do...

As you can see the guide is separated by continents (except those three: Africa, Asia and South America) because it is simply how I prefer to shop. For example, as I live in Europe, I’d rather buy from European brands. For this article you will find those signs that indicate the range of prices:$0-100, $0-200, $0-400