#GOSLOW - Be A Babe Who Cares

This is a social media campaign launched in January 2020, aimed to empower the slow fashion industry and to engage a community of ‘babes who care’ before we launch our ’Now x Slow Fashion’ film. Please find our AD on YouTube:

We are promoting the sharing of this campaign with as many sustainable clothing companies/charity shops/influencers as possible, yet we’re steering away from slamming fast fashion brands directly because we believe the power of this AD will talk for itself and that this optimistic approach will be far more impactful.

Are you a babe who cares?

This AD took 6 hours to film. In that time:

• Approx. 684,932 new fast fashion clothing items were produced

• 21,600 trucks of fast fashion clothes were burned or landfilled

• Fast fashion workers are approximately 37.5% through their workday

What did this AD remind you of … fast fashion?

Correct. HOWEVER, all the fashion items were sustainably sourced, mainly via charity shops. We are demolishing the stigma that sustainable clothing is shapeless, colourless and boring... you can still look FIRE in second-hand and sustainable brand clothing.

It’s time to celebrate the opportunity of slow fashion, to better our planet and society. Empower others to make conscious fashion choices #GOSLOW

Please share this campaign across social media if you want to be a part of the #GOSLOW revolution.


*All facts were sourced from Sustain Your Style (2019), 7 Billion for 7 Seas (2019) and World Resources Institute (2019)* Please get in contact with us if you require further information.