Name: Mimi Swaby, @mimazine1

Profession: Journalist & Sustainable Lifestyle Influencer

What environmental subject do you specilaise in?

I cover a broad range of subjects within a sustainable lifestyle, such as food and fashion.

It’s important to recognise that sustainability is not limited to one direction, but it includes all the different facets. I have a particular interest in slow fashion because everyday everybody wear clothes and it impacts how sustainable you’re being, as well as veganism for similar reasons. I always ask people what they love (ie. coffee), to encourage them to substitute it into a sustainable form (ie. a keep-cup).

The reason why I promote sustainable living is mainly due to the urgency of climate change. People need to make small changes, even if it’s one change.

How do you communicate this environmental subject?

It constantly changes because I’m a multimedia journalist, from TV, written and radio.

I use Instagram mainly as form of communication because it’s extremely engaging and it’s easy for a viewer to digest. If you’re able to grab someone’s attention through a photograph, you’re already half-way there in promoting the message.

But, it’s a hard battle to grab someone’s attention now because with so many climate activists as these hard-hitting slogans are starting to have no effect. So, I’ve definitely noticed that this form of communication is diversifying to avoid this issue, and I use all my different platforms to reach as many people as possible.

As an influencer, why do find it important to promote a sustainable lifestyle?

It’s very necessary to promote. People are aware, but people aren’t aware of the extent or severity of how important it is to live sustainably and to act now, not tomorrow, but now.

It’s also so important to put yourself out there as ‘sustainable’ but not ‘100% sustainable’ because you need to be relatable, otherwise it’s unachievable for people to make changes. I’m definitely more mindful about how to phrase things, especially if you’re making a definite claim or statement, as people try to catch you out. Environmental trolling needs to stop, but it shouldn’t stop people from promoting these important messages.

Please comment bellow if you have any questions regarding this environmental topic or this Earth Minuter series.