Our first Earth Minuter, Kelly!

Name: @kelluuy

Profession: Travel and Adventure Blogger

What area of environmental subject are you most interested in?

Plastic pollution, due to its large impact on the ocean and wildlife, and it’s an issue that has a big impact on us.

I also feel that plastic pollution is a subject that has a lower threshold in regards to people being able to help than other subjects. Reducing plastic is very achievable, and I can tie it into my travelling. When I was in Lofoten I filled an entire bag with plastic from the beach in under 10 minutes.

How do you communicate this environmental subject?

I mainly use Instagram Stories to communicate the issue of plastic pollution. I prefer to keep it light-hearted and to keep it positive because picking up litter should be a normal, everyday thing.

I aim to include more environmental subjects within my blog, but I find it hard to get started as it’s very hard to not get criticised for not being perfect about it, ie. the expectation to not fly as much for my travels. But, it’s impossible to be perfect and people need to realise that.

Do you think social media plays an important role in spreading environmental messages, and would you encourage it?


Social Media is the best and biggest platform to reach the most people.

You can reach people who don’t go to environmental talks and who have never come across the issue before. I encourage everyone to use it to spread environmental messages, it’s a great way to educate people… social media is how I became aware of plastic pollution.

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