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 Ultimately, this Project uses the trial of a Digital Field trip Experience (DFE) as a vehicle to explore how Higher Education institutions could make their environmental fieldtrips more accessible to all students, and to provide students with the sufficient tools to learn about the environment in a fundamentally sustainable way. 


With this, our key learnings below aim to catalyst the conversations between students and academic leaders, to improve the design and application of future field trips. 




This Project could be improved through technological advancements, in which Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) may become more affordable for Universities to trial and implement over the next few years. With these advancements, DFEs could explore places that will be inaccessible for all students (i.e. for health and safety reasons), such as the ocean floor or an active volcano, which could enhance the benefits of DFEs even further. 


Beyond technology, our research has many other limitations, including its restriction to the UK, the number and diversity of students involved to the environmental impact of the Project itself. We hope our research can be provided as a call-to-action, for other researchers to improve and develop our findings. We recognise that this Project is very much a beginning step, and we encourage you to add to this discussion to help us drive the future of fieldtrips.


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