Earth Minutes is a start-up environmental communications company on a mission to reimagine the way people think and learn about the environment.

We’re a new generation of environmentalists who want to drive communication projects that have impact, and we have a strong focus on the science and educational sectors. We’re hyper-aware of the tech revolution and ‘metaverse-ification’ of the world around us, and we don't want crucial environmental messages to lose momentum through out-of-date communication methods. So, through the opportunity of digital innovation, alongside digital sustainability, we want to lead the way to engage the unengaged in the environment. 

Importantly, all our messages are grounded in science, to ensure there is no room for greenwashing or misinformation. We’re also big advocates for collaboration – the more collaborative, the greater the impact we can have. 

We’re looking for someone to:

  • Work closely with the Project Lead to manage projects of various communication mediums (i.e. film production, social media to workshops/talks).

  • Assist us in developing ambitious sustainability strategies for each project as well as our wider brand.

  • Organise and work across both the research and creative teams.

  • Coordinate project schedules and deadlines.

  • Design and structure proposals, pitches, and creative ideas. 

  • Build partnerships and collaborations with like-minded brands, charities and organisations. 

Skills required: 

  • Effective time management skills and self-driven to research.

  • Experience in social media marketing and content creation. 

  •  Ability to work and communicate with a range of people, from change-makers, scientists to filmmakers.

  • Strong written skills and creative ability, ideally with experience in Photoshop and Adobe platforms. 

  • Appreciation for both art and science, and the ability to drive projects with an interdisciplinary approach. 

  • A willingness to push boundaries and to think beyond the ‘traditional’ ways of doing things, to make our projects as impactful as possible.

  • Someone eager to get involved in the growth-stage of a start-up, and to be a part of a small but growing community.

Apply by sending a portfolio, cover letter and CV to: