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The surf in Fuerteventura is extremely popular due to the powerful prevailing north-easterly winds, in which are particularly strong along the west coast due to the lack of shelter from the other islands as well as Africa. We went for a week during March, in which the conditions were great for surfing and although it was very windy, the summer months tend to be even windier. 

Planet Surf Camps provided an organised surf-class itinerary, and moved people into classes that suited their ability throughout the course of the trip; ensuring you can get the most out of your surfing. The instructors were extremely useful with high energy and great advice – they made the whole surf experience! The classes ran for around 2.5hrs and were very effective, and the commutes to the classes had unbeatable views. Additionally, the classes were not always held at the same beach location due to the wind/swell conditions. This gave you the opportunity to experience the different coasts, in which you end up covering a large proportion of the northern region of the Island. Yet, it should be recognised that the surf classes were slightly inflexible as you do not get a choice in having a morning or afternoon slot, and we found that it was difficult to move a lesson during the week due to numbers in a group/instructor availability. Despite this, the arrangements and H&S limitations behind the surf classes must be appreciated. With this, we recommend 5 days of surf lessons and to stay longer than a week if possible because although it was physically challenging, the experience is something that shouldn’t be missed.

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The Planet Surf Camp house was vibrant and fresh with a very calm atmosphere, and it exceeded our expectations overall. Although the rooms were basic, the areas for entertainment, the pool and the kitchen were spacious with a slick modern design. It is in a great location with nearby restaurants and a supermarket, and the beaches and town were within a 10-minute walking distance. The staff were very relaxed and let the guests do their own thing, and it was the perfect place for a quiet night in playing table tennis/pool/slack-lining or for a drink/dance until 11pm to then head out. A BBQ event is held at the house every Wednesday where Planet Surf cook their guests a delicious array of fresh salads, seasoned meats and fish, quesadillas, filled mushrooms, garlic breads and many other Spanish dishes – it was extremely generous and the best meal we had during our time in Fuerteventura. 

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Around the surf lessons you will have available time to explore the surrounding island, in which our highlights were:

  • Corralejo National Park incredible dune landscape with camel excursions

  • Local delicacies - Try a leche leche and the Sunset Bar smoothies

  • Corralejo Volcanoes - hike the volcanoes with impressive craters that created Fuerteventura, yet the volcano closest to Corralejo had restricted paths!

  • Lobos Island – climb the volcano and experience the quiet, untouched, barren island 

  • Popcorn Beach – the natural coral pieces give this bay its unique character

Thank you Planet Surf Camps for this experience – it was a week filled with stunning scenes, salty hair, salsa dancing, sangria, sandy wetsuits and some seriously good surf!